4 Most Sought-After Programming Languages of 2020

From an intriguing video game to an entertaining mobile application, most of the technologies boil down to a string of code. No wonder the demand for computer programmers has increased considerably over the past few years. There are at least 294,9000 computer programmers in the United States alone. You can only imagine the cut-throat competition in the computer programming job market worldwide.

So, you must learn the popular programming languages to land the best job for yourself in this field. Here are the four most in-demand programming languages you should learn in 2020.

1. Java

Java is one of the programming languages that let developers ‘write once and run everywhere.’ It consists of compiled code or bytecode. Bytecode can run on all platforms without complications. Therefore, even big companies such as Airbnb, Uber and LinkedIn are based on Java. Google, one of the largest Internet companies, also has a considerable percentage of development solely based on Java.

Features of Java:

  • Platform-independent– The Java Virtual Machines make it possible to run Java-based applications on any operating system.
  • Simple and high performance– The extraordinary features of Java contribute to its high-end performance.
  • Secure– Java doesn’t have pointers, and its security manager defines the access of classes. Thus, it is one of the safest coding languages to work with.

From Computers Electronics to Law and Government, Java is consistently used in a wide variety of industries. Java has 10.65% popularity in the field of Science and Education as well. Thus, don’t fret if your professor asks you to write assignments on Java. After all, your programming language assignment can help you get a solid grip on at least the basics of Java.

2. Python

Python is known as the ‘glue’ language and was designed by Guido van Rossum. It is a high-level programming language that connects large existing software components. It is also an object-oriented language with a vast collection of useful extensions and libraries for programmers. Google decided to use Python where they can and C++ wherever required. Thus, they used Python for ease of maintenance and relatively faster delivery.

Features of Python:

  • Easy to code– Though a high-level programming language, yet Python is elementary to learn as compared to other programs. Also, it is a developer-friendly language.
  • Free and open-source– You can download Python language from its official website for free.
  • Object-oriented language– Python supports object-oriented language along with the concepts of objects encapsulation and classes.

Besides Google, other companies that prefer Python are DropBox, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, Quora, etc. Reddit, for example, is the 4th most popular website in the United States. It is also the seventh most visited website in the world. Initially, it was coded in Lisp. But now, the site has been re-coded into Python. The change took place because Python consists of a vast slew of code libraries and is developmentally flexible.

3. C++

It is a new version of the C language and was designed by a Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is mostly used for drivers, game development, systems or application software and client-server applications. This programming language grew in popularity by nearly 16.22% in 2019 alone and opened up 37,000 job postings. C++ is almost everywhere. We give less credit to this language than it deserves. For instance, most operating systems, like Windows and Mac, are written in C.

Features of C++:

  • Structured programming language– The modules are loosely coupled in C++ programming. Also, the code is modular along with functions, objects and classes. Modular code is easy to modify and understand.
  • Platform dependent– You can run a C++ program only on the operating system where it has been developed and compiled.
  • Compiler based– The compiler first compiles the C++ program. Then you can run it. You can’t execute any C program without compilation.

C++ is the lowest-level programming language as compared to Java or Python. But, it is also the go-to language for companies interested in acquiring maximum performance out of their software. Google, Facebook and Amazon, for example, still follow the C/C++ culture. And why not? C++ is the best programming language to use in real time and for high-performance software systems.

4. PHP

PHP is an open-source general-purposelanguage for web development purposes. You can also embed it into HTML code from the server-side execution. PHP is mostly used to draw data out of a database on different web pages. The demand for PHP enthusiasts has increased by almost 2000 compared to its demand in 2018. The code written in PHP programming language is executed on the server first. Then the results return to the browser.


  • Platform independent- You can run PHP on every platform such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix.
  • Interpreted and simple- PHP doesn’t need any sort of compilation. Also, it is easy to use.
  • Case sensitive- It is case-sensitive at the time of variable distribution. However, all keywords, functions and classes aren’t case-sensitive.

There are almost 5 million PHP developers all over the world. Different platforms such as Yahoo and Wikipedia are built on PHP as well. This proves that the demand for PHP programming language isn’t dead yet. Over 2,929,313 companies use PHP, and it has an overall market share of 85.7%.

Wrapping Up,

You will find tons of coding languages out there. However, the four languages mentioned above are the most common ones in different industries. Choose the language that interests you, and start learning it as per your objectives. For example, let’s say you aim to build mobile apps. In that case, you should learn Java or Python. Focus on your online programming language assignment papers throughout your academic life. That will help you prepare for the fierce competition in the professional field.

Author Bio: Samantha Lewis is a computer programmer at a reputed firm in the United Kingdom. She also provides assignment help to students at MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk. Samantha loves to play with her daughters whenever she isn’t working.

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