9 Simple Tips To Improve Email Marketing For Lead Generation

Who doesn’t want more leads on their site? This is easier said than done. And if you are using email marketing to generate leads, the results are a little slow. Let’s say someone’s trying to sell Internet Essential 30 plan by Cox using email marketing. Don’t expect leads to come rolling in just because the product is great.

Statistics say they are almost 233 million email users in the United States. Some of these users could be in your target market. The question is how to convince them to sign up and become a member of your email list? It’s possible by using proven email marketing strategies. What are they, you ask? Here’s are all the secrets you need to know:

1: Know What Your Competitors Are Doing

Stay updated on your competition. Whatever they are offering, offer something better. For instance, if they are offering an e-book, offer a video course instead. Be a little generous with your knowledge and your leads will certainly appreciate that.

Create a great sales copy, use the right visuals, and make better content overall. Don’t forget it needs to be more valuable than what your competitors are offering.

If you’re from Restaurant and Bar Industry you can create a stunning restaurant pamphlet design flyer that contains great offers and details about your Business, now you can attach this flyer with your Email for grabbing customer attention.

2: Work On Visual Hierarchy of the Design

The very first thing that grabs the attention of the reader is the subject line. However, what a potential lead does next largely depends on the content’s design. If the visuals are intact, the visitor might take some action.

Not sure about that? Here are some ways to maintain the visual hierarchy of the design:

  • The human brain prioritizes the information in the order of importance. Motion, color, position, as well as size, are what’s important to our brains.
  • Manipulate these elements to make a visitor look where you want them to look.
  • A higher element is more important than a lower element.
  • Use bold as well as the italicized font
  • Add bigger images (a bigger logo, for instance)
  • Sprinkle the link to your landing page tactfully

3: Create a Sense of Urgency

In order to entice your audience into clicking, add a sense of urgency. If it’s exclusive, rare, or has the word limited time offer, it’s going to sell.

When crafting the email sales copy, highlight the part that creates urgency such as weekend sale only, 3-day offer, limited seats, early-bird discount, and more. Use the art of design to deliver the message and persuade the reader to click.

4: Cut to the Chase

Be as concise as you can with your email and the message. No visitor wants to read a lengthy email. They will simply send it to their spam folder. Give enough information to keep the reader interested and complete the action expected of them.

Here are some tips to make the content readable:

  • Use subheads to make the content skimmable
  • Highlight the offer with bullets
  • Bold important words and phrases
  • Don’t clutter the messages with too many images
  • Make the call-to-action clear, readable and easy to find

5: Use Gmail Ads

Gmail ads give you access to the inbox of several people. These ads appear on the top of the Gmail folder. When you click to open them, they look like an organic email. The reader can interact with that email, save it to his inbox or forward it.

The best thing about Gmail ads is you can easily reach your target audience and introduce them to your business. The targeting is automatic, which makes it super easy to hit as many potential users as possible. Gmail ads are a perfect method for expanding your email list and also bring leads faster.

6: Make the Emails Shareable

If a reader finds your offer valuable, they might want to forward it to their friends or colleagues. Yes, people do forward emails. So, make it easier for them to do so. Use these ideas to make your email sharable:

  • Add a button to format the email
  • Embed tweets in the email for sharing
  • Include a signup link that’s easy to forward
  • Add social sharing buttons for social media sharing

7: Offer Incentives

Give incentives to your current subscribers by asking them to refer to other email subscribers. In exchange, offer them a free download, free shipping, discount on a future purchase, or any other luring bargain.

8: Use Personalization

If you have tons of data on your prospects, use that information to create personalized emails. This comes a long way in developing an emotional connection. It also gives your brand a human touch. Who wouldn’t want to buy from a brand that knows its prospects so well, right?

9: Check Everything Before Going Live

Double-check all links before making the campaign live. You won’t want to drive a visitor to a page displaying a 404 error. On the other hand, let’s say the campaign is about sending the visitor to call charter customer support but the phone number provided is wrong. This won’t just drive leads away but damage your reputation.

During the campaign, keep on monitoring all links and information for accuracy. One little error can make you lose leads that were ready to convert.

Start working on optimizing your emails from today by using these tips. Do make sure you are using a great software for email marketing.

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