Academic Burnout: 10 Reasons And Ways To Prevent It

Burnout is a state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion. It is the devastation of a person’s inner resources due to severe and prolonged stress. There are enough stress factors in the life of modern students, so they are at risk of burnout.

Do not ignore it because not only the psyche suffers from it, but also the physical health. Taking care of yourself is an important task. We remind you of the simple tricks on how to overcome the blues and come to your aid.

Reason For Academic Burnout

  • Unrealistic And Tight Deadlines

The need to study and assimilate large amounts of information in a short time generates a state of constant tension. It is no less exhausting than the exercises themselves and increases the risk of burnout.

The same negative effect is exerted by the constant fear of not being in time, not preparing, and not passing. An easy way out is to get dissertation writing services UK that will relieve you of this tension.

  • Inability To Organize Your Time

The feeling that you are not doing anything and are not coping may arise not because of a real lack of time, but because of the inability to effectively organize the educational process. Difficulties arise when there are many tasks or when there are distractions.

For example, the Internet, computer games, social networks, calls, and visits from friends. Therefore, get rid of these activities and gadgets for an hour daily. In this time focus only on your work. It will help you to overcome distractions and manage your time properly.

  • The Constant Need To Learn New Things

The need to constantly acquire new knowledge in a large volume accelerates the depletion of mental peace. The brain needs a lot of energy to create new neural connections. So learning new things requires many times more energy than using already mastered skills. Therefore, do not burden yourself and try to focus on one thing at a time.

  • Lack Of Motivation

One of the most common causes of burnout is a decrease or loss of motivation, a lack of specific goals, or disappointment in the chosen ones. Motivation suffers if you have to constantly do something that you do not want because teachers and parents said so.

If we do something with interest and enthusiasm, then we expend less energy. Therefore, try to use interesting ways of learning. Maybe the gamification method will help to increase your motivation.

  • Lots Of Social Contacts

Burnout can be caused by an excess of forced social contacts. Students constantly have to communicate not only with like-minded people but also with everyone who surrounds them at the university. For this problem, online communication and reading books can be overwhelming.

  • Lack Of Support

The risk of burnout increases if there is a lack of understanding with friends or parents. Even conflicts with classmates or teachers can enhance the risk of burnout.

How To Prevent Academic Burnout

If you notice some of the signs and suspect that they may be associated with burnout, be proactive. If burnout has already occurred, recovery will take time and a set of measures, including visiting a doctor or psychologist. The tips below are great for both prevention and burnout management.

  • Changing Habits

Changing habitual rituals and avoiding routine helps to shake things up, distract, and give new strength. You can rearrange the room or start going for a morning walk.

  • Reduce Work Load

Try to unload yourself as much as possible. Make a list of necessary tasks and activities and revise it again. Think about what can be excluded or delegated to someone else, what help, and whom you can ask for. For example, you can ask essay writing services UK for university assignments.

  • Controlling Emotions

Many techniques help to cope with stress and anxiety: breathing exercises and meditation. So relax by doing meditation regularly and including exercise in your routine.

  • Stay Positive

It is very important, even on the most stressful days, to find time for your favorite activities. By filling your bank of positive emotions, you gain new strength to take the necessary actions. It helps to relax and distract from educational worries.


Academic burnout can seriously damage your mental and physical health. To prevent or overcome burnout, you need to change the environment, reduce the load, and take care of your well-being.

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