Best Tips You Must Know After Installing WordPress

The question of what to do after launching a blog is frequently questioned by people. To correctly set up and launch your website after installing WordPress, there are 11 tips that you must take.

After you install WordPress, you will want to do a few things right away.


#1 contact form


A contact form is a requirement for all websites on the internet. By filling out a form on your website, your website visitors can instantly get in touch with you.

A built-in contact form isn’t included with WordPress by default.


#2 SEO WordPress


Owners of websites use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to increase traffic from Google and other search engines, such as Yahoo!

WordPress comes pre-configured with several SEO-friendly features. You can do a lot more to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site.


#3 Google analytics


It’s your job as a website owner to understand your audience and help them get the information they’re searching for. These insights can help you make better business decisions and expand your firm more quickly and profitably.

You’ll need Google Analytics for this. How many people are visiting your site? Where are they coming from? What are they doing on your site?


#4 Caching


Having a website that loads quickly and functions well even under heavy traffic is a must for website owners.

Caching comes into play here. Sites can serve users cached versions of their pages instead of producing them on the fly. This decreases the burden on your website’s server and speeds up the page load time for visitors.


#5 Backups


Only a small number of WordPress hosting companies provide backup services as part of their plans. Although these backups aren’t guaranteed, you’re still responsible for backing up your website.

Many amazing WordPress backup plugins exist to help you automate the process of creating backups.

The Updraft Plus program is highly recommended.


#6 WordPress Security

WordPress comes pre-installed with a high level of protection. Your website still needs to be protected by following security best practices.

Plugins are required for other tasks. The WordPress security plugins that are available are excellent.

Sucuri is a good option. Security, vulnerability scanning, and malware protection are their specialties.


#7 Set Title 

WordPress allows you to simply change your website’s title and tagline.

In the WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings > General.

As the name of your website, the Site Title is used. It appears in a variety of locations, including:

  • The browser’s title bar is seen in the image below.


  • WP’s Dashboard includes an admin bar


#8 Remove Samples

Delete them immediately! This is a placeholder page. Please enter your content here.


#9 Time Zone

Whenever you schedule an activity, such as publishing a blog post or creating a backup, you may use this tool to ensure that the timing is precise.


#10 Spams Clash

Spam comments may be a real pain in the a$$. It’s like a swarm of bees once they start coming.

WordPress comes with Akismet pre-installed. Enter your Akismet API Key at to utilise it.

If your comments appear to be spam, this plugin will check to determine if they are or are not. Then you can go back and read the comments. On the “Remarks” area of the admin screen, the blocked comments will be displayed.


#11 Finish Profile

Updating and maintaining a fully functional WordPress profile is a must!

Log in to the WordPress admin panel and go to Users > Your Profile (Users).

You can choose how you want your name to appear on posts, as well as which email address will be used to notify you of new comments.

After making tweaks don’t ever forget to add the most crucial grooming pointers for your website, which are templates and themes. they outstandingly showcase your website with upraising engagement. You can buy wordpress themes from the website that includes flouring features alongside.

Also, wordpress provides the purchase of templates that are of the highest quality. So, buy wordpress templates with no extra cost and few clicks.

Aforesaid are the ones that are the must-do things after setting up your wordpress site.
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