Follow These Website Design Tips in Improving Your Website Experience

Your site indeed remains the key factor of your marketing efforts. It must be designed in bringing a great user experience. It must require a complete understanding of the problems that visitors want to solve.

Your website must become a powerful tool in this marketing landscape. It’s a twenty-four hours a day salesman. It potentially can be a powerful asset and centerpiece of your marketing efforts.

Nevertheless, the changing trends online may make your site feel outdated and old. While a redesign may seem ideal, still you may have no money or time in investing in a big project. Overcome this challenge by following these website design tips to improve your website experience. 

Optimize the Speed of the Page

It can indeed be frustrating waiting for a webpage to load. People are now accessing content on many various platforms. That’s why they want to browse online easier and faster than ever. If they won’t get it, they may only bounce. 

A slowly-loading page may give an interrupting experience for users. It might lead up to frustration. For an extra 5-second of page load, it surely will increase the bounce rate of your site. 

It’s right to get your score. Google is offering a free service to get information prior to your page speed. Plus, it will provide you with more suggestions. Thus, your load time on 

Desktop and Mobile will be greatly improved.

Improve the page speed by compressing all images. This is even before loading them onto your site. The size of the image file is one cause of a slowly loading page. Some websites will help you in speeding up every webpage owned.

Be very careful in loading some of the significant elements. This way, you’ll know what content will be on its way. 

Utilize White Space

White space is deemed essential in having a good website design. It also makes your content legible while users are allowed of focusing on elements that surround the text. When it’s around the titles and text, it is likely increasing user attention by twenty percent. It also will make your site feel fresh, open, and modern. With consistent branding, it will help in communicating the feeling to the users. The only problem with white space is that it takes up space.

Find the balance between what is essential to communicate. Surround the website design with space in highlighting the text or the image. White space will enable the readers to focus their attention on the most essential things. 

Use Images in a Wise Way Possible

People are getting faster & smarter at giving their judgment on company websites. They think of browsing the website further or not anymore. Upon them visiting your site, they’ll be picking out the generic stock image they have seen elsewhere. If you’ll be using stock photography, it may only decrease the levels of trust. The site might stand out as non-unique & generic. 

Increase conversion on the website design page by replacing the old & stock photo with the image of the moving team. This will increase the conversion and confidence of the people towards the page. Pictures of the actual moving truck are better added than the stock photo.

While the stock photography may be high quality, it still is not enough in creating a connection between the brand & the user. Actual images need to be replaced with stock photographs. This is part of speaking clearly to potential customers. Use images in a strategic way possible. Place them in the website supporting the content. This will enable users in having a visual break from the text. Ensure they’re non-generic & relevant. 

Keep the Website Pages Consistent As Possible

Match things up as part of consistency. Font choices, heading sizes, button styles, coloring, design elements, spacing, & photo choices are part of it all. Theme everything in making your design coherent with on the same page and between pages. 

Provide users with a beautiful experience while navigating through the site. Make them feel that they know they’re on your site. Avoid making them feel confused & lost in the drastic design changes implemented. It only will leave them losing your trust in your site.

Never lower the quality of the services and products thru inconsistency. Provide a consistent design. 

Be Mobile-friendly & Responsive

Technological advances have been designed in meeting the needs to go mobile. Websites are similar in this case as part of evolution. It’s needed that your site is easy to navigate & mobile-friendly. This is true in whatever type of device they are accessing. 

Some sites are penalized for not being optimized for mobile devices. This makes the need for responsiveness crucial. This is the best way of improving your website’s usability. 

Include Written & Well-designed Headings

The content & headings need to be driven by the things potential customers are searching for. Include keywords in the title as it’s essential for targeting the message. This is also the same as attracting the right audiences. 

The search engines are giving headings more weight than other content. Choose the right heading and make it stand out. This will improve your site searchability. The headings will also guide users by the site. This makes it easier for them to scan through & finding content speaking to them directly.

Use Attractive CTA’s

Clearly marked CTAs will allow site users of navigating your site easily. They’ll get exactly what they need in a location. Create buttons for your site by thinking about the psychology of color & color. 

By simply testing the color variations & action messaging, an increase of eleven percent in clicks is also already achieved. The different colors will bring about different messages. Make a message more evoking for a user in terms of intelligence, experience, & trust. Have the right choice of colors.

Segment the Essential Information Using Bullet Points

What’s with bullet points? They essentially enable users of obtaining the information they want. They should solve your problem in a short time. This makes the proportions as attractive as possible. Users are then enabled of getting all the information needed. There’s no need to go the traditional route.

Be more creative with the bulleting with the use of so many cool icons. These will help readers in furthering with images representing your point. This is about isolating the most significant points on the website design that make sense. 

Follow these tips suggested in revamping your website design & improving your website design experience!

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