Friendspire, Adding a Human Touch to Social Media

In this age of advanced technology, people go to the internet for everything and rely on information generated by search engines, when making decisions about what movies or TV shows to watch, which items to buy, what restaurant offers the best service and so many other modern conveniences. Many of the decisions that people make are usually based on looking at reviews about the product or service. One of the downsides of online reviews is that some of the reviews on products and services are not verifiable and are generated by bots that are designed to convince people to purchase a product or service.

The presence of bots on the internet has made online reviews less trustworthy. If people cannot trust online reviews, people can trust the reviews of their friends. Friends on many occasions provide good recommendations for products and services, but sometimes people forget the name of the product or service that was recommended to them. Does a platform exist where people can get recommendations from friends about TV shows, movies, restaurants, bars, books, podcasts, and other products and services? The good news is that Friendspire is a platform that offers this convenience. 

Why Choose Friendspire?

 Friendspire is in many ways the best alternative to the untrustworthy recommendations and bots that infiltrate the internet. Friendspire is a platform that is adding a human touch to social media and the internet. Friendspire is very accessible because Friendspire can be accessed on its website and through its app. The Friendspire app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This new platform allows for friends to share with each other recommendations for books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, restaurants, and bars. Say goodbye to the days of relying on the recommendations of random people or bots and welcome to the days of relying on a friend in a whole new way. 

People will no longer have to rely on their memory to remember the name of a Netflix film or show that a friend recommended because a person can easily look up their friend’s review of the film or show. When deciding on a doomsday film to watch for movie night, a person could check on Friendspire to see if a friend wrote a review of the film. Friendspire will help enhance anyone’s movie night in the home. This advantage will help a person avoid watching films that have been “hyped up” by random and untrustworthy online reviews. 

 The question that may be on the minds of the readers of this blog is how can I be assured that Friendspire is the real deal? Morten Schroeder, the founder of Friendspire birthed the idea for this awesome platform out of frustration with the unreliability of online reviews for places to eat, things to watch, and things to listen to. Before originating Friendspire, Morten Schroeder served as a consultant, which meant he was regularly travelling from place to place.  Morten Schroeder’s job required him to travel to unfamiliar places and he had to look for places to eat, but he had to rely on online reviews that turned out to be inaccurate or total lies. As a result, Schroeder relied on the advice from “colleagues and clients” who gave him reliable lists of places to eat. 

Schroeder desired to find a way to compile multiple lists of recommendations from his colleagues and clients about the best food outlets, films. Shows, podcasts, types of literature, and bars. Schroeder’s desire was also shared by his closest peers. One night in late December of 2017, Schroeder and his peers decided to create an online platform that fulfilled this desire for themselves and others. The designers of Friendspire performed extensive research to see if there were any online platforms that had an idea that was like their idea. However, no online platform provided fully reliable recommendations, which motivated the designers of Friendspire, even more, to build this new online platform. Schroeder and his colleagues believe that a person will enjoy what they watch, eat, or listen to if the recommendations come from peers. 

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Simplicity is the Name of the Game

 The Friendspire’s website and mobile app were designed to be simple so that people can easily access recommendations about what to watch, where to eat, and what to read. Friendspire is a free resource that can be accessed on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Creating an account on Friendspire is simple because a person can sign up using a Google or Facebook account. The beauty of this new platform is that a person can invite their peers to create Friendspire accounts so that they can share with each other recommendations about different leisure activities. Friendspire will help people create stronger connections with their peers by discussing and recommending to each other where they like to go, what they like to watch, what they like to read, and what they like to eat. 

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