How to Use Your Smartphone Efficiently?

Today, a mobile phone is not only a convenient means of communication with the outside world but also a reliable assistant in many daily activities.

The capabilities of modern smartphones are very extensive, but in this variety of functions, it is very easy for a novice user to get lost. In this article, we will share the basic guidelines for working with an Android mobile device.

Basic charging rules

It is recommended to charge your smartphone using the original power supply supplied in the package. If your Zong weekly internet package is on, then better to switch it off before putting it on a charge. In extreme cases, it is allowed to use high-quality analogs, the input current strength of which corresponds to a certified charger from the manufacturer. Here is a detailed article with all the nuances.

Do not plug the phone into an outlet if the cord or plug is damaged. This is fraught with battery failure, as well as spontaneous combustion and other troubles.

During charging, the temperature of the smartphone rises due to the voltage from the power supply. That is why it is not recommended to run heavy games like Mabinogi Mobile and applications that force the processor to function at full capacity on a mobile device connected to the network. This often leads to overheating of the internal components of the device and its breakdown.

In order for the battery to retain its properties as long as possible, do not allow it to be completely discharged. Long-term storage of a device with a battery depleted to the limit is especially destructive since this leads to software failures and a decrease in battery life. It is recommended to keep the battery charge within 20 to 80%, replenishing its capacity as needed.

Mobile network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Continuous interaction with the cellular network (especially 4G) is one of the basic functions of any smartphone, allowing it to receive calls and SMS. But sometimes disabling it has certain benefits, for example, at night when the mobile Internet is not needed. But if you have Jazz super card subscribed, this makes it possible to significantly reduce battery consumption and Internet traffic, increasing the battery life of the gadget.

When using the services of any mobile operator, you need to remember that a constant connection to the Internet can not only drain your battery but also cause additional costs. We recommend that you only connect to the network in situations where you need to because many applications automatically update and perform background synchronization of data, which can cause large amounts of traffic to disappear.

Temperature and humidity

The ambient temperature plays an important role in the operation of a smartphone, so it must be taken into account both in severe frosts and in the sultry heat. You can use the gadget without any harm to it within the range from 0 to + 35 ° C, and storage is permissible in conditions from -20 to + 45 ° C.

However, it is recommended not to leave the phone in direct sunlight or near a heater. In the cold season, it is best to keep the device closer to the body outside so that the battery does not lose its charge.

Humidity levels can also affect smartphone performance unless it has a moisture protection system. Acceptable humidity is between 5% and 95% non-condensing. It is necessary to refrain from using the device in heavy rain, as well as in the bathroom. If the phone gets very wet or falls into water, you need to turn it off immediately and dry it thoroughly. Better yet, contact the service center immediately for help.

Protective cover and cleaning

Most smartphones are very sensitive to mechanical damage. To prevent damage from dropping, we recommend purchasing a protective case and sticking the glass to the display.

Daily use of a mobile device inevitably leads to its contamination. The case and screen should only be cleaned with special detergents and soft wipes, otherwise, the oleophobic coating on the touchscreen can be erased.

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