Increasing Laptop Battery Life isn’t Difficult – Here is How?

So many online forums and discussion platforms are equipped with one of the most common complaints, a laptop battery doesn’t last long. Approximately 90% of users prefer replacement battery, whereas others look for tips and tricks to go through and increase the battery life meaningfully. Instead of looking to change the entire battery (which may leave a dent on your wallet), it’s a smart move to dig into our listed below tips and tricks to get the most out of your battery.

Avoid Over Charging

Be sure to unplug the charger when the battery is charged completely, and the laptop isn’t in use. Normally, a laptop’s battery offers up to 500 cycles (one cycle means discharge from 100% to 0%), according to sources. If it’s left on, then the number of charges that the battery would take will decrease suggestively. If the laptop battery is full, keeping the juice flowing can harm some batteries. Sources further confirmed that you should always run your laptop between 40% to 80% to get the most out of the battery.

Close All Unused Programs

The more apps/programs you open, the more energy your laptop needs to run everything smoothly. In order to reduce the usage of battery, it’s a bold move to close all the programs that you are active, but you’re not using.

Always Avoid Using Demanding Apps

Not every program is demanding but playing graphics-enriched games, using more complex programs such as Photoshop etc. can eat up battery faster. Try simplifying when you rely on battery power if you can.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

To add a lot of time to the battery life, it’s a bold move to turn off Wi-Fi (if not browsing). It’s because, Wi-Fi keeps consuming energy which drains the battery. Moreover, many popular online activities, such as watching videos on YouTube, are reasonably taxable and require extra energy on your laptop. Therefore, turning off Wi-Fi means you get a bit of extra battery life.

Keep the Battery Cool

Most of the times, laptop batteries get tremendously hot just because you keep them plugged in for too long, don’t use the recommended AC Adapter or put in hot places such as in the sun. Too hot battery means it drains fast and can lose the ability to restore 100% juice.

Although batteries naturally lose their capacity over time but let’s not forget that heat accelerates the process. Therefore, don’t keep them plugged in all the time, avoid leaving them in hot places and also make sure the air vents aren’t blocked. Blockage in air vents can hinder airflow, which ultimately increases the laptop’s inner temperature.

Avoid Storing Fully Charged Laptop

If you plan to leave your laptop idle for a week or month, it’s safer and good for the battery health if it’s charged approx. 40%. Although it appears like a full charge would be great, but this may significantly lead to a loss of your battery when removing it. Be sure to store it in a dry and cool place to prevent battery damage when storing.

We’re very much hopeful that you’ll get most out of your laptop battery with the tips and tricks above. The majority of batteries are supposed to last around 2 to 3 years before a substantial degradation occurs.

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