Ken Julian Offers Insight into Eyebrow Grooming Practices for Men

Much like women, men also need a regular eyebrow maintenance routine.  As a person gets older their eyebrows shall require greater efforts to look tidy and neat. Ken Julian says that it does not matter whether someone has scraggly eyebrows or big and bushy ones, each and every man can benefit a lot from grooming their brows on a regular basis.  However, prior to getting started with eyebrow grooming, it is vital to understand that not all eyebrow shaping techniques suit all people, and over-tweezing may end up causing more problems.

Bad looking eyebrows can have a negative impact on the appearance. Eyebrows that seem to be out-of-control especially are never a good look on any man. Ken Julian mentions that fortunately eyebrow grooming and management is not a much difficult task. Broadly speaking, there are just two actives central to keeping the eyebrows in check, which include plucking and trimming. If both of these tasks are carried out properly, one shall have a clean, natural-looking brow. While for men in their 20s and early 30s eyebrow maintenance shall ideally involve keeping things tidy and neat, people above this age group have to be careful about plucking their thinning eyebrow hair.

Here are a few eyebrow grooming practices underlined by Ken Julian that a man may follow:

  • Stick to tweezing: While there are other ways to shape the brows apart from tweezing, it still is the easiest and safest bet for the tasks. Even though there are at-home kits available that can help remove super fine hair that is difficult to pluck, properly using such kits is not easy for all. Hence, it will be much better to just stick to tweezing, as long as it is able to properly do the job.
  • Do not go overboard: Going too hard with tweezing can ultimately leave a person with sparse brows that look worse than before. Hence, one should start off slowly and try their best to avoid taking too much hair off.  Bushy eyebrows are not necessarily a bad thing, if they are in control. A bit of styling cream can further improve the appearance of thick eyebrows.
  • Find the start and endpoints: Prior to tweezing any brow hair, it is vital to identify from where the eyebrows actually start and stop. This can be done by taking a fine-tooth comb and holding it vertically in the middle of the nostril to determine the spot from where the eyebrows start. Subsequent to identifying this spot, tweezers should be used to pluck any rouge, big hair in the middle. The comb should be then used to make a line from the tip of the nose to the outside corner of the eye to find the spot where the eyebrows end.  Excess hair must be plucked out from here as well.

Too many tools are not needed in the eyebrow grooming process.  A sharp pair of tweezers, a small comb or brush, and little scissors with a slight slant shall be enough for the job.

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