7 Precious Tips to Get Your Laptop Battery Life Extended

Did you buy a brand-new laptop just now? We hope you have avoided all the common mistakes when it comes to buying. However, no matter if you have had a laptop for quite some time, our precious tips and tricks will definitely help you maintain the battery health and enjoy extra juice for other routine jobs. Be noted that going through different methods on how to extend your battery life can prevent you from Replacement Battery as well as reaching for a power cord too often. So, let’s begin!

1: Unplug Unused Peripherals

Don’t leave the peripherals attached to your laptop when you don’t need them. They include an external hard drive, mouse, webcam, and data cables for transferring data between your laptop and your device. They keep using power meaningfully and thus, play a vital role to drain the battery faster.

2: Prefer Battery Saver Mode

Turning on a Power Saving Mode can be a bold move to save the battery life suggestively. Perhaps you’ll experience a noteworthy loss in your overall performance, but if you don’t play games, edit photos or videos that consume a lot of battery, you wouldn’t feel too much difference or lag.

3: Avoid Too Cooling and Too Heating

To get the best performance from your laptop, it’s highly recommended to always use your laptop at an ambient temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold. Based on what sources have suggested, high temperature can lead your laptop to work harder which ultimately leaves a negative impact on the battery. Besides, using in extreme temperatures can also damage the battery itself and reduce its life.

4: keep the Screen Brightness Low

Often, you don’t need to increase the brightness of the screen to perform multiple tasks. Therefore, keeping the brightness of the screen lower can help you save laptop battery power with ease. The major reason behind reducing the brightness is that the display is one of the major parts of any laptop that consume a lot of battery.

5: Go for SSD Hard Drive

Ready to spend some extra bucks? It may be a smart move to get your hands on a Solid-State Drive that operates on flash memory and need less power as compared to mechanical hard drives. Although it’s not a big improvement SSD comes with its own plentiful benefits. Your laptop runs faster and can access different files in no time.

6: Avoid Leave Laptop Plugged in

It’s highly suggested that don’t leave your laptops plugged in all the time. It’s because a plugged-in laptop keeps consuming battery and hence, the number of cycles of a battery decrease significantly. A regular or Cheap Battery comprises 500 cycles sometimes more. Basically, a single cycle is a 0% discharge – followed by a 100% recharge back. We recommend you to keep the battery between 20-80% always to get the most out of it.

7: Charge Before it Reaches 0%

Don’t wait for your laptop to die and plug it in with immediate effects. It’s important to note that waiting for a 0% battery can be bad for overall battery health and if possible, make a habit of plugging in before it goes below 20%. This prolongs the battery life as a low-charge consumption strains the battery and gradually decreases its charge power.

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