Follow these Easy Steps to Monitor Your Internet Usage

Do you sometimes wonder whether the data usage showing on your Internet bill is justified or not? Because I do. I totally trust my Spectrum home WiFi connection. The fact that the company will not overcharge me is relieving. However, I still get curious. And my eagerness to know everything about everything led me to find hacks to monitor the home network usage.

This blogpost includes all of them for you to benefit as well…

Tracking Bandwidth via Router

The best solution to figuring out the consumption sources for your bandwidth is the router. Your router is the best device that tracking internet activity and track all the incoming and outgoing internet traffic. If you happen to visit the settings of your router you will see a page that contains details of all the devices attached. You can check the IP addresses of the devices listed on the page. Apart from that, you can also check the MAC addresses and connection status.

If you have a more advanced router, then you can also get access to information including the upload and download speeds. Furthermore, you can see the breakdown of data that each device is consuming. If you come across a suspicious entry while going through the list, remove it. You have the liberty to remove that device from your network connection.

Scan System for Malware

At times it so happens that the bandwidth you are consuming according to the bill is not what you actually are. Hence, outing you in suspicion. Many times individuals are not able to guess the issue. However, you should check your system for any potential malware. Because at times there is no issue in the local network. But you might have been attacked by malware. It harms you in a way that it starts stealing your bandwidth. Thus, leaving you in confusion.

The best way to protect your system from any malware is to install antivirus software in your system. Precaution is always better. The software will keep hackers away from your system. implies that you would not have to pay extra bucks for bandwidth that you were not consuming in the first place.

Check Network Activity with Resource Monitor

You can even choose to check your network activity with Window’s Resource Monitor. Here are easy to follow steps on how to get access to Resource Monitor:

  • Go to the task manager.
  • Click on the ‘Performance’ tab.
  • You will see a ‘Resource Monitor’ tab at the bottom. Click on that.

Here you will see send and receive columns. The list will give you details about all the activities consuming your bandwidth. If it’s malware, even that will show on the list. This will often get shown in the form of an unknown process. You should be more vigilant if that unknown process makes it to the top of the list. Because that implies that the process is consuming a major chunk of your bandwidth. Start investigating about it immediately.

Use Netstat

In order for you to uncover the network issues, you will have to use Netstat. You will have to use the ‘Command Prompt’ followed by the netstat command in order to access that. In case you are wondering, netstat is an abbreviation for network statistics. By using this command you can keep a track of all the incomings and outgoings on your system. However, this will not provide you details about your router activity. You need to follow a couple of steps before you can analyze your list using this command.

Check Web Interface for Your ISP

If your Internet provider gives you a limit of bandwidth that you can consume each month, you should head to their website. They will have a page on their website or on your account where you can view your bandwidth usage. Hence, allowing you to keep a track of the amount consumed and left. This is perhaps the best way for you to stay posted about your network’s data/bandwidth usage. In case you feel that the displayed number is suspicious, you can contact your Internet providing company.

Some people also say that many companies keep certain charges hidden from the users. Try not to subscribe to the services of any such companies. Spectrum Internet packages have been reliable for me so far as I have never come across hidden charges. You can go to any other company’s Internet service. But do your research before you settle for any.

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