Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Smartphone?

People are increasingly entwining their lives with smartphones. Smartphones these days are equipped with powerful processors, spacious memory, upgraded operating systems, and every other facility that caters to the improvised smartphone features. After every launch of a new model or updates in Android or iOS, there is a proportional surge in the profit margins of these smartphones.

There are many reasons that can make you think that it is time to repair or replace your smartphone. If you use a mobile phone on a regular basis for 5 to 6 hours then the exhaustion of resources can lead to serious mobile issues such as a slow interface, unresponsive screen, sudden power-offs, etc.

Before your device becomes a cause of distress and frustration, you must think of something. You should decide if you want to address the issues or let go of your current phone by replacing it with the latest version of the smartphone.

Replace or Repair the Smartphone

The popularity of smartphones is increasing extraordinarily every day. Companies have been launching new and advanced models every day. This makes it hard to give up on our mobile phones easily. But when problems like slow functioning, fast-draining battery, etc. arise, they provoke us to either phone repair or replace our smartphones.

Sometimes even after realizing that our phones are going through a lot of issues, we aren’t able to decide whether we should get it repaired or replace it altogether with a better and upgraded version.

Repair or Replace: Dilemma of a Smartphone Owner

The following are some of the parameters that can help you decide whether your phone needs to be fixed or replaced. You have to ask these questions to yourself and decide whether your smartphone needs to be repaired or replaced

1. What is the problem with my phone?

You have to identify the problem with your phone. Before you jump onto any conclusions you must analyze the problem and its cause. Problems like cracked screens and broken buttons are common issues that can be solved with the help of repair. But if there is a battery-related issue or your phone gets exhausted then there might be an issue inside the motherboard. In such a case repair might not solve the problem.

Your phone can also be unresponsive because of the accumulation of excess items. This leads to insufficient storage and the phone doesn’t function well. This problem can be solved with the help of a factory reset and cleaning the junk files. However, if the issue still stays then you might need a replacement.

One thing is clear that everything starts when you detect the problem of your phone. Only then will you be able to decide either to replace your phone or repair it.

2. What is the Cost for Repair v/s Cost for Replacement?

Certain issues can be solved by repairing the smartphone but sometimes their damages are beyond repair. In such a case it is evident that you must have to change your phone. The cost of repairing our phone is affordable then Getting a new one altogether. Sometimes it is better to get a new phone as the problem might not get solved and you will have to spend money on your phone many times. In order to avoid that you can simply change your phone. Some issues will draw a lot of money from your hand that is why it is suggested to compare the cost of both the available options.

You can search on the Internet and look for a phone with the latest features and a good price. You can also look for the repair costs on the internet. This will make the decision easy for you.

3. What is the Warranty period for my phone?

Almost all smartphone manufacturers provide a warranty. For your smartphones. If your smartphone has the warranty then you need not worry about the cost as there are a lot of issues that the manufacturing companies covered under the warranty and you just have to pay an additional amount if there is a severe issue. but if there is an internal problem you can get your phone repaired for free.

Repair or Replace: Analyze the Factors

Today smartphones are a major part of our lives. In order to reach any decision, it depends on the owner to weigh all the options properly and then reach a decision whether to go for our repair or replace the phone. Not everyone can afford a new phone within days. That is why it is suggested to analyze all the factors completely to reach a decision.

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