Router Hack to Help You Get the Most Out of Wi-Fi

No matter how costly a laptop, android phone or iPad you own, if your Wi-Fi is creepy you cannot take full advantage of these technologies. Although we often face the reliable nature of Wi-Fi only a few settings can help us to get the most out of the Wi-Fi. In this article, you are going to get some expedient tips to adjust your router to get a full stream of Wi-Fi. So, before any exaggerations let’s get started.

Before focusing on router hacks to improve Wi-Fi quality keep in mind many factors can disrupt or weaken the signal:

  • ‘Dead zones’ in your house area
  • The physical distance between devices
  • Physical hindrance causing the signal to slow down
  • More number of users
  • Poor device or router capacity
  • Outdated drivers
  • Connecting via wrong or old cable
  • Congested network

Now let’s discuss solely on the router and associated factors:

Is your router at the right place? 

Keeping the router at the right place is vital for getting maximum signals. It should not be placed anywhere as you want like on the floor, in the corner, just because your kids are naughty monkeys jumping from one place to another and you place the router in the drawer. The router should be placed high above the ground and in the center of your shelter so that you receive maximum and equally distributed signals in your house.

Experts also state that wood, plastic, bookshelves, cupboards, and even glass cause hindrance in the path of signals so try to avoid these places. Metal is the top disruptor of all as appliances made up of metal make electromagnetic field and any cause interference to any wave passing through them. A major source of electromagnetic waves is found in your kitchen i.e. microwave oven, fluorescent light bulbs, dishwasher, etc. move your router 5-6 feet away from the metal objects. If you have placed your router in the kitchen so change its position on your first preference.

You have seen that some people move your mobile to high place over their heads in case of poor or weak, the same goes with the router. Keep your router at a high place as the router tends to spread signals downwards.

Does your router keep a strong antenna?

As in the above point, we have discussed that Wi-Fi signals get absorbed by surroundings so, in this situation Router antenna takes responsibility to provide you strong besides speedy signals in your work area or house. Bigger antenna tends to grab more signals as compared to the smaller one. You will get strong signals if you change your antenna from 5dbi to 9dbi having a range of 500 meters and 1200 feet respectively. To boost up signals many powerful antennae are available on Amazon, Google, TP-link, Linksys, and others. You can also purchase the best router antenna from online stores.

When did you update your router last time?

Router update has its significance in boosting the signals. Through Router update new features like security protocols can be cracked. The performance of the router driver and processor is increased. Router firmware is the best option to upgrade your router. You can upgrade your router by the below steps:

  • Put the router’s IP address into your browser and then type your login information.
  • Choose Firmware or update option.
  • Download the latest Firmware update.
  • Upload the update.
  • Reboot the router.

Is your network channel worthwhile?

Make sure you are connected to the best non-overlapping channel. Try to find out through a Wi-Fi analyzer, the least occupied channel. Channel 1, 6, and 11 are said to be the best non-overlapping channels but if you are having some over-lapping problems than switch to other channels.

Is someone peeping into your network?

Sometimes it may happen that your password got hacked and many leeches may attach to it. Set a WPA2 encrypted password for your Wi-Fi. Don’t set an easy password; rather it has to be a unique one.

Wi-Fi extender:

As obvious from the name ‘extender’, it will extend the signals into your room which are obstructed due to walls, furniture, or other objects. It will receive signals from the router, amplify it, and will provide you the boosted signals.

Detach unnecessary devices:

If too many devices are attached to a router it may result in overcrowding. Too many devices attached to a router will produce competition among them. This competition will cause slow network speed or elongated buffering during browsing.

Restart your router:

Restarting router may not always fasten the internet speed but expert says that sometimes rebooting your router may improve the internet speed compared to the current situation.

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