5 Tips to Become a Certified Salesforce Admin

If you are also one of the aspirants to become a certified salesforce admin. Here is an experience that will help you become the one. There are tips like these in every field which experienced people share. Here is my experience that I accidentally found a job as a Salesforce manager. I realized it was a surprisingly common story that I shared with many other ecosystem members. I have experience in the development and education of a child, where I spend no more than one hour a day in front of a computer. I obviously had no idea what I was doing in Salesforce.

After a few months of basic administration, I learned the certificate. I knew I needed it as soon as I heard it. Since I had nothing to do with the case at the time, I had nothing to show the employer other than proof of my Salesforce training or qualifications; For me, the Salesforce certifications were an external test of my skills. In fact, getting a certificate wasn’t easy.

On the other hand, I found that my educational experience was not in vain! I knew a lot about my learning and learning style (taught to many children). Here are some things I’ve learned at CRS Info Solutions that apply to any certification exam and I hope you find them useful.

1. Don’t let learning intimidate you

Have you ever heard the advice: “When you meet someone, call them three times by name, never forget them”? The same logic applies to Salesforce!

Studying alone is unlikely to help you pass the exam. In fact, doing a task multiple times helps you understand not only how something was done, but also why it was done a certain way.

This means you need a sandbox or developer organization and you need to start implementing and tweaking any features you read, like B. for more currencies, regions, forecasts, and the list goes on!

I want to highlight these less frequently used features, especially if you work for a company that doesn’t use these features. You never know, one day an employer will come up to you and say, “Does Salesforce have a forecasting tool?” This is an advantage because you can say “Yes! I’ll tell you about it and show you a demo!” ”

2. Broaden your horizons

Do you have any idea what people will need from this tool? Business development, marketing, etc. What does the Vice President need?

Is this the way out? You can better answer the exam questions. It seemed to me that most of the questions (especially the Sales Representative and Cloud Consulting exams) focused on what the Sales Representative or Vice President of Support Services would need. You need to be able to predict what your management needs and needs. It is important to understand that the VP of Sales is unlikely to request a successful final report and the VP of Support is unlikely to require a report on changes taking place over time.

This is where Trailhead comes in. Although I’m an admin, I like end-user-centric journeys because I have a good idea of ​​what an end-user with a particular role can expect or expect from Salesforce.

This is a great way to set up and manage your sales team like Salesforce. I also liked the “Annual planning with sales activities” module. Here’s a special line: “The standard for SaaS companies is seen as a 5-7 year cut, with some companies even promising up to 10%.” This is information that, as a cloud sales consultant, you should know, even if you’ve never worked on a sales team. You want to look for this type of information from a specific end-user, not an administrator.

3. Always try with teaching someone

It’s a classic. People learn best when they try to teach a discipline. Hire your cousin as a chef and show him what Salesforce is. He explains to the grandparents. Show me how to follow the rules for assigning potential clouds.

Create end-user routers, including screenshots. Organize a secret sauce dinner for your coworkers and show them what’s going on behind the scenes of the control rules and what’s causing all those annoying error messages.

There are many ways to share your knowledge and I promise you will learn something new.

4. Remember which test you took

I realize with fear how difficult it is to panic during an exam. When I sit down and remember. The training covers these topics. Don’t ask my unanswered questions on these topics.”

If you’re taking a driving test, the answer to your question is not “Do I need to implement a trigger on a future update?” Still a driving test! You don’t have to know how to implement a trigger (even if you know when you need it). Conversely, in the Platform App Builder test, the thread or process designer is automatically answered, not the workflow rule. With this in mind, you can minimize distractions and think clearly.

5. Pass the practical test

In other words, the question format can be expressed in strange and bizarre words. Multiple choice answers try to confuse you, and questions may contain additional phrases or information unrelated to common questions.

The quiz has four questions with many identical choices, except for one word. Therefore, the hands-on exam is ideal not only to see if you are ready for reality but also to understand the question format and how to translate the research material into a non-fictional scenario.

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