Top 3 ways to boost small business online presence

Gone those days when people use to rely on below-average line marketing strategies to grow businesses.

With the passage of time, just like consumers have changed the nature of shopping, online business have also indulged in adopting the new ways of marketing online.

Business owners who couldn’t adapt to the new changes are lacking behind in terms of

  • Sales
  • Revenue
  • Leads
  • Customers

Simply just having good products or good content will not help us grow our presence online, while many other companies are heavily investing to target more and more audience to expand their business.

These big companies have a large margin of errors and to fix them, but we as a small business are short on marketing budgets, and chances like:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Small financial budgets
  • Only a Few team members
  • Some are wearing all the hats at once, while even running the business.

This makes us realize that we cannot take too many risks to grow our business.

Now the point is, without taking any risk we can’t grow our business, so why not choose the right direction?

There is no shortcut, but thanks to the experts who are spreading knowledge for us to follow and implement strategies to minimize our loss while we can achieve the desired goals.

Further, we are going to discuss the expert’s choice of the top 3 ways to boost small business online presence.

Top 3 ways to boost small business online presence

  • SEO- Search engine optimization is to date the best way to attract organic traffic while giving the users the best experience.

SEO is a key role player in increasing exposure of our business to potential customers on search engines.

SEO demands efforts to analyze and implement different strategies like:

  • Producing high-quality content relevant to our keywords and niche
  • Inserting unique title tags
  • Using image alt-text
  • Optimizing images for boosting web page speed
  • Creating sitemaps for search engines making it easy to index our web pages and etc.

When a customer is searching for a relevant service or a product online, we need to ensure that our business is listed on search engines and by implementing SEO guidelines we can reach the customers.

  • SMM- Social media marketing is the key player to change the nature of consumer’s behavior of shopping.

Social media channels have made online shopping a personal experience for everyone, through giving feedbacks, getting reviews, uploading pictures, making videos, and sharing it across all the networks.

A positive experience is what the consumer is looking for, according to research “71%of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media will likely recommend to their friends and family”. 


From a business point of view, consumers help build credibility, expand business by sharing the content across the social networks, helps in targeting a multichannel audience and grow beyond the demographic restrictions.

It includes:

  • Posting pictures of our products to give a good visual experience
  • Creating videos of different products and services for our audience
  • Customizing ads according to the targeted audience for our business
  • Sharing content across all major social channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Email marketing- Email marketing is a traditional yet one of the most powerful techniques that are still effective to reach our audience.

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The reason why it’s still effective is that we can achieve numerous benefits by email marketing like:

  • Using it for promotional messages
  • Using it for official use like registrations or confirmations
  • We can grow our brand awareness through emails
  • Through emails, we can pass out suggestions to our audience about a specific service or product and etc.

To boost our online presence we need to implement all 3 of these in our marketing strategies to achieve the desired results.

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