Toy Packaging-An ideal packaging option-6 facts

‘Toy’ refers to any object that is used to play with or used as a source of entertainment and fun. Although when we hear the word toy, the first thought that pops up in our mind is children, however toys are not specified to children alone. There are many types of toys for teenage kids or even grown-ups. Yet the most common age group for the toys are children so we consider them the primary consumer.

However, when it comes to children, everything needs to be very well thought about and the parents or guardians are particular about the products they buy. These products include everything that is used by the children directly including toys. Therefore, when it comes to toys, the buyers do not only consider the type of toy they are buying but the packaging also greatly impacts the choice of selection. To obtain ideal toy packaging, several things need to be considered;

1. Considering the age of the consumer

It is very important to keep the age group of the consumer in mind. This is a very important factor as the product needs to be suitable to the age of the user. When children get toys to play with, the packaging is a part of the toy. Therefore, it’s not just the toy that should be considered as being harmful but also the packaging of the toy. Packaging having plastic or any other harmful aspect such as sharp edges or dangerous flaps is not suitable for young children. Older children can manage the toys well, however; it is essential to plan out the custom toy box before manufacturing it. Since it’s the consumers that enhance the sales of the brand, therefore, it is important to consider their requirements and choices greatly.

2. Choosing the right packaging material

Choosing the most suitable packaging material is essential. The packaging boxes represent the brand, therefore; it needs to be perfect. They contribute greatly to the image of the brand therefore, the custom toy box packaging needs to be sturdy and durable. Boxes that are sloppy and flimsy might create a negative impact on the customers. Therefore, to ensure ideal packaging it is essential to make use of environmentally friendly packaging materials.

The eco-friendly aspect of the packaging material is highly appreciated by the customers as it gives them a great reason to trust the toy brand with being a responsible brand. The packaging material that is often used in making the custom toy box include cardstock, boxboard, recycled paper, and biodegradable plastic.

3. Attractive designs

As we have established earlier, the toys are generally for the young ones. The children are more attracted by colourful and vibrant visuals. Graphics such as cartoon characters, animated animals, or any other graphics play a great role in attracting young customers. Therefore, to make sure that your custom toy box packaging is attracted to more children, it is essential to add such characters and graphics to your toy packaging to make the boxes funkier and fun. The attractive designs are added by talented graphic designers that research the type of visuals that are liked by the children more. These graphics can be inspired by the toy itself or the cartoons and television shows that are trending these days.

4. Vibrant printing with lamination

Now that we know what kind of packaging is essential to attract more customers? Keeping all factors in mind is integral as toy packaging plays a great role in boosting sales. However, just adding graphics and fun visuals is not enough. Those visuals need to be brought to life with the help of high-quality printing. The orienting techniques vary in the final results. Some printing services result in dull images whereas good quality printing helps in bringing life to the custom printed toy boxes.

The better the printing technique that is used, the vibrant and attractive the printed custom toy box packaging becomes. Once the toy packaging is printed, to ensure that the finishing of the boxes is also perfect, it is important to get the toy packaging laminated as well. The lamination coating helps to give a shinier or matte look depending on the type of toy the box contains.

5. User-friendly packaging

Custom toy box packaging is to be used by the children themselves. Therefore, their functionality plays a great role in making an ideal packaging for the toys. The functionality of the box includes the way the custom toy box is opened, the way the box can be carried by the child, and how it can keep the toy safe even after being played with.

These are important aspects that need to be considered while developing custom printed toy boxes. The user-friendly the packaging, the easier it gets for the children to use them. Therefore, ensuring the user-friendly aspect of the packaging is integral. The toy packaging boxes should have an easy flap opening that makes it easy to unwrap the box and use the toy better.

6. Window toy packaging

As the main concept of the ideal toy packaging is to gain more customers, especially children by attracting them using various strategies. Another important strategy that can be beneficial in attracting more buyers is by having a window perforation on the custom toy box. The window box helps the customers view the product before buying it.

The quality in the packaging boxes allows the children to view the toys and it invokes them to buy the toy. The window for the custom toy box allows the children to not only view the toy but also touch them. This makes the children more attracted and excited while buying the boxes.

All these aspects contribute greatly to making sure the packaging boxes are ideal and suitable for the specific toys. The toy industry has to be well aware of the likes and dislikes of the children but also what type of products the parents buy. These are chosen when the parents feel comfortable with the product and its packaging and know that it will be safe for their little ones.


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