10 Unique Automotive Design Ideas in The Future

As technology is evolving with the passage of time, people are now keeping an eye on what is going to happen in the future. Be it fashion or automotive industry, everyone looks for the future designs and trends that they will see. The automotive industry has seen a huge development from large heavy caravan vans to compact-sized and then to versatile vehicles.

Indeed, this industry is also growing with the passage of time. Due to which, people and consumers keenly wait for the upcoming automotive technology, design, or ideas. Many also debate on what one can expect from the automotive design engineer. Also, they incorporate their own ideas to predict upcoming technology.

However, automotive design engineers are keeping the current and future needs and past failures in mind to design the new cars. They are also incorporating the idea of sustainable technology and environment-friendly cars into their designs.

So, here are the top 10 unique automotive design ideas that you can see in the future.

1. Voice Activated

One of the 10 unique automotive design ideas in the future is the voice-activated cars and vehicles. These top manufacturers of cars are trying their best to come up with such flawless technology. So, you can start or operate your car with your voice. Also, to make it more secure, these manufacturers are doing tests on a regular basis. So, you can enjoy a hassle-free and secure drive.

Many of the famous brands have already launched this technology but there is a lot of time, investment, and confidence required to bring the technology in the mainstream market.

2. Motion Sensors and Cameras

Future design car parts will come with such technology that will allow them to sense the environment. After this, they can react to it. Also, many current and future design car parts come with a camera that helps the driver to monitor and record every activity around the car. It not only makes your drive more secure but also adds an additional layer of security to your vehicle and neighbourhood.

You might have seen in many dramas and movies that car cam helps car owners or police to catch the culprit. So, this is the same technology you can expect in the future but in an advanced and more secure way. However, you can also add other cool gadgets into your car to make driving fun and secure.

3. Hybrid Engines

Most of the existing technology, and the future ones too, aim to incorporate sustainable technology and car parts. This way they have a lesser hazardous impact on the environment. Similar to that technology is the hybrid engine. These engines are easy to operate with gas, water, or even with diesel.

But mainly their focus is on water and gas. Hence, it is an effective way to curb environmental threats. And also, it lessens the dependency on diesel or non-renewable fuels. Many automotive design and production companies are confidently launching this technology in the market. Also, they are doing positive changes in it to make it more effective.

4. Complete Automation

This one is the most anticipated and awaited technology among the 10 unique automotive design ideas in the future. Automotive design and production companies are struggling to move towards 100% automation of vehicles. Although they have achieved automation to some extent. For instance, sensory cameras and other parts are automated.

Other than this, one of the leading brands has launched the technology that runs on the automated drive. Hence, you can call it a driverless car. However, that car also has some limitations: after a maximum of 15 minutes, the driver has to place his hand on steering to give the car a signal that he has not slept yet.

5. Double Doors

Another hallmark that you can see in the list of 10 unique automotive design ideas in the future is the presence of the double doors. These doors make the car versatile and compact. However, it does not mean that future cars or vehicles would not have four or more doors. Instead, engineers are currently focusing on the technology that comes with double door comfort.

6. Panoramic Roof

These roofs are a type of roof that can be extended back to a very flexible point. So, if you want to enjoy a sunny day you can simply pull back the roof. Also, many companies are designing these roofs using a glass top. So, driver can enjoy the view without even opening the sunroof.

7. Lightweight

Nowadays, vehicles and the automotive industry is focusing on cars that are made up of lightweight material. Such material can lower the weight of car hence making it more motile. This is one of the effective ways to reduce diesel costs as heavier cars or vehicles require a greater volume of fuel to run.

8. Display Windshield

The windshield in the future will show the car display. That means you will be able to see the fuel limit, fan, speed, and other important factors on the windshield.

9. Changing Brakes

Many cars are now coming with the idea of regenerative brakes. In future, brakes will also be changed. This will curb the impact of any accidental hit. Also, brakes will be able to sense the surroundings and will limit the speed of the car.

10. Headlights

Headlights in the future cars will be automated. That means they will be able to sense the nearby object and will adjust the amount of light accordingly. Also, you won’t have to constantly change the level of dimmers or indicators to warn the other cars. These sensory headlights will handle the show easily.

Although many top vehicle manufacturers have launched this technology. But there is always room for some advancement and change. So, you can expect something surprising in the future.


If you love to read about the automotive industry then you will definitely agree with these technologies. Also, if you are planning to start your own automotive design business or any other relevant work, you should know how to make your business more productive.

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