5 Reasons Why Bad Reviews Are Good for Your Business

I used to hate it whenever my professors criticised my assignment for which I had spent several sleepless nights. So, I understand how you may feel when someone writes a negative review about your business. In today’s world, when the majority of people have access to the internet, having bad reviews can certainly affect your business. However, there are several ways in which your business can benefit from negative feedback.

bad reviews

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  1. The bad reviews highlight the good reviews:

Negative reviews are essential for a business, whether you accept it or not. The potential customers always compare the pros and cons of a product or service before deciding whether to make the purchase or not. Unbiased reviews help build the credibility of the product. According to Tim Hendricks, the operation manager at Trustedessayreviews.com, “The bad reviews are equally important for the business as the good ones.

Moreover, when there are bad reviews about your product or service, people are more likely to believe the positive reviews. If the reviews only say good things about your business, people often recognise them as biased feedback and go on to purchase from the rival brand.

  1. Bad reviews help make informed purchases:

Smart buyers often look for negative reviews about a product before they make the purchase. This practice allows them to make an informed purchase decision. They generally look for the complaints and negative feedback of the other customers to understand what can possibly go wrong with the purchase.

Generally, when the buyer is fine with the negative aspects of the purchase, he/she goes ahead and buys it. It not only allows them to avoid disappointment after the purchase but also helps them to compare the product or service against the same of other brands more precisely.

  1. Bad reviews allow you to engage with the customer:

When you receive a bad review of your product or service, you can engage with the customer in further conversation to understand what went wrong with their purchase. A lot of websites don’t respond to their bad reviews, and that is a huge mistake. You should always respond to the reviews, especially the bad ones, and try to resolve them from your end.

Not responding to bad reviews further contributes to the bad reputation of your business. On the other hand, by responding to the reviews (good or bad), you start building a relationship with the customer. And once you solve the problem for the customer, you end up earning his/her trust. It is also recommended to follow up with the customer after resolving their issue and request them to remove the negative review if possible.

  1. Bad reviews help you learn:

It is difficult to please everyone in the world. However, you can always aim for perfection. When you get any bad reviews from your customers, acknowledge them and try to find the reason behind the dissatisfaction. Once you are able to isolate the problem, you can work on it and resolve the issue.

Bad reviews are blessings in disguise. Each bad review gives you the opportunity to improve your product or service. If you don’t get the bad reviews and suddenly experience a drop in sales, you will have a difficult time figuring out what is going wrong with your business strategy.

  1. Bad reviews help increase conversion rates:

As mentioned, if the people only see positive reviews about your business, they may start to doubt the legitimacy of the reviews. A lot of people are aware of fake and paid reviews, and having only positive reviews is a sign of such shady activity. On the flip side, having a healthy mix of both good and bad reviews helps build trust in your business.

No business is perfect – and today’s smart buyers are aware of that. That is why it is okay to show a few flaws. The bad reviews help your business to appear more practical. Also, they help you to maintain transparency. Also, studies have shown that prospects who look for negative reviews actually convert at a higher rate than those who don’t.

Furthermore, a study by Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center found that customers are 270% more likely to buy a product with five reviews than a product with no reviews. It means, having five reviews (good or bad) can improve your sales significantly.

In conclusion,

Every review you receive from the customer is a free piece of information that can help you grow your business. So, treat them as gifts. Who knows? The bad reviews may help you turn your business around for good.

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