Why Phone Numbers are Essential for The Entrepreneurs

Among our clients, we have many entrepreneurs with several activities, for example, several e-commerce sites.

Using a single telephone number for customer service for all its activities poses many problems for entrepreneurs. They cannot really personalize each activity’s telephone reception and cannot identify whether a customer call is intended for a particular activity.

How to quickly and inexpensively obtain dedicated telephone numbers for each of your activities and no longer get tangled up?

Tips and advice for managing several professional activities

To properly work your various activities with a single phone, the essential prerequisite is to have a separate phone number for each activity. So you can easily differentiate the calls you receive and better organize your incoming calls and your work.

Previously, multiple phone numbers necessarily meant having as many mobile or landline extensions. Today with cloud telecommunication systems, it is easy to aggregate multiple numbers on a single phone. The benefits for entrepreneurs who are invested in different business activities are considerable.

What solutions to manage several activities with a phone?

With the Virtual Phone number, there are two elementary solutions for setting up an efficient telephone reception for each of its activities while using a simple landline or mobile phone, without adding additional equipment.

The most professional

You just need to choose a dedicated phone number for each activity on our site and forward all calls to the same phone, your cell phone, for example.

Each activity will have its own personalized telephone reception and its own follow-up of calls. You can also quickly identify each customer call and answer the right way since each activity’s specific number will be displayed on your phone when you receive a call.

Getting a new number and setting up your telephone reception only takes a few minutes.Therefore, it is very easy to set up a personalized multi-activity customer call management system for a “serial entrepreneur.”

Also, it is quite easy to find the right Virtual Phone System provider by checking which of them is offering better services. Compare the two service providers like MightyCall vs Grasshopper or other service provider and see what makes them better from each other, so that you can make your decision wisely.

The most economical

You can also choose to use only one phone number and to set up a voice menu “for activity A: type 1, for activity B: type 2” which will also allow you to identify what activity the customer is trying to reach (even if you use the same phone since we announce before each call which caller has chosen, 1 or 2).

The voice menu is generally used more to direct the customer to the right department within the same company. Still, you can reasonably use it if you have several activities (It is, however, preferable that these activities are of sufficient domains).

What if you needed a complete cloud telephony solution?

Dematerialized telephony solutions are increasingly needed for growing companies to equip sales, support, and customer services. They increase the possibilities tenfold compared to traditional telephony. Among the most efficient solutions on the market, ultra-easy to set up, use, and scale from an optimized, online interface, the phone revolutionizes the way businesses make and receive calls.

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